The Lash Outs – Punk/Power Pop

From: Dallas, TX
Genre: Punk/Power Pop

When visiting a new country or city, one of the first things on the to-do list, besides the usual tourist spots, is checking out what the local music scene has to offer. Along with that and a quick study of the surrounding record shops, dive bars and confirmation on whether there is a Hard Rock Cafe in the vicinity, this is pretty much what any music enthusiast’s itinerary begins with. Thus it was, on a recent non-music related trip to Dallas, Texas, that such research was duly rewarded with the discovery of the area’s finest Punk/Power Pop quartet The Lash Outs. Vocal harmonies abound with energetic and poppy rock and roll, the latest LP released in March 2016, State of Excess, had the deal sealed after just two tunes.

Whereas the band’s first self-titled album in 2009 saw them experimenting with their rock and roll influences, it was 2011’s Elation and Shame that really shone through with its clean Power Pop vibes and Punk, Hard Rock edge. Songs such as Life in Bed reflected this alongside Tommy Marolda, which was reminiscent of early Green Day and The Clash and Fruits of my Labor sucking inspiration from Backyard Babies and Rolling Stones choruses. Fast forward to the past month and Descendents/ALL guitarist Stephen Egerton has produced what is from top to bottom their greatest achievement to date…

The great new LP. Go get!

Validation Song kicks off the 10-track platter with a rocking riff and catchy na na na na’s leading into the Wildhearts style chrorus of “I need your validation”. Metallica and AC/DC influences can be heard popping up throughout the record as the Big D boys let off their Heavy Metal steam oh so subtly during Sha La La (ironically the pop classic of the album) and Light and Sound with its epic intro and lyrics, which although sounding like Madness’ It Must Be Love on first take, quickly shapes up in the form of a more Ian Broudie or Ted Leo intonation.

Bondage of Self continues on like a less gritty Janus Stark melting in pot of Punk, Pop and Rock n Roll, when not a moment too soon the riffs and guitar fills of Mistakes mix up the British sounds of Midget and The Lightning Seeds with the vocal melody of 90’s New Yorkers The Figgs. The happy harmony progresses nicely through State of Excess and Retail Therapy as they pick up on vibes similar to that of CJ and Honeycrack, by which point we are treated to a late in the day 3-minute breather in the form of Rockabilly instrumental Bowels of Time (First Movement). Then rounding off with some keys, we rock out in the shadow of The Rolling Stones to closer Work to Get By and another fine Power Poppy chorus.

So where can I check out this killer of a record I hear you ask…

Listen to the album, along with the rest of The Lash Out’s releases via the links below. Enjoy!

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