Accidente – Punk Rock

From: Getafe Madrid, Spain
Genre: Punk Rock

Skate Punk and Melodic Hardcore fans alike have rarely been short of Spanish bands to satisfy their craving for 90’s style Punk Rock. A genre that saw a dip in exposure following the big Green Day/Offspring explosion, has since continued to buzz below the surface and spark fresh bands, particularly out of Europe where the scene lives on with its ingrained passion and enthusiasm. Putting aside the revered likes of Happy Meals of times past, let us focus our attention on the relatively new Accidente, based out of Madrid and having just released their third LP Pulso are taking the reigns of Euro Punk Rock and affirming that indeed the best may be yet to come.


Having clearly progressed from 2011’s self-titled album and via sophomore release Amistad y RebeliĆ³n in 2014, the band have reached a point where their sound is not only well-defined, but rounded enough to produce a warm, yet still distinctly raw punk, feel. Imagine the piercing light guitar and drum rhythm of early 80’s/late era The Jam meshed with a more modern finishing touch of Bad Religion. The subtleties throughout the record, whether it be the Ska undertones in Bandada, the Hardcore elements in Jueces, the Rock n Roll in Oltro amanecer or the Poperpop melodies and perfectly placed “woah woahs” in Complicidad, fit seamlessly into the Punk Rock mould, so much so that it took a few listens to really appreciate how amazingly well done and eclectic the layers of the songs are. Not to mention the strident vocal of lead singer Blanca Mellor who’s frequency sits just perfectly in the mix, standing out in between the instrumental aspect whilst at the same time maintaining a humble place alongside it.

2016’s “Pulso” LP
The European influence on the 5-piece crosses various borders, where during Escupe el mar one could compare the catchy hooks and riffs to a lo-fi Beatsteaks, as well as Swedish legends Masshysteri (the band cite both Masshysteri and its previous incarnation The Viscious as predominant inspirations to their sound). The chugging guitar of Otro Amanecer is a nice reminder of Dutch Epitaph alumni Undeclinable Ambuscade and it would hardly be the album it is without the complimentary, locally-rooted vibes of the 80’s Latin alternative movement (see: Mano Negra) deep set in the Accidente sound and most flagrantly during track Bandada.

Yo Misma and La revuelta real both make use of the electric organ in two of the most upbeat numbers on the LP, which in its element sounds similar to The Interrupters; even more so backed with the female vocals. The keys add a real dynamic to the select tunes and particularly when used so discretely, as on Vuestra voz, help solidify the aforementioned praise on its production.

Pulso is an excellent Punk Rock album with great influences, not shy of embracing Spanish culture. No doubt the lyrics are also meaningful, but unfortunately my study of Spanish is yet to begin, so that will be a new enjoyment for a year or two down the line. Just as it was with Bad Religion when after years of enjoying their songs I actually started paying attention to the lyrics… and that was in English. Given the tone of the music though, I would happily place a small bet on there being a healthy amount of political connotation present in the majority, if not all, of the tracks. Good music with a good message.

You can listen to all 3 albums over at Accidente’s Bandcamp Page or download them (for free… this band is awesome) on Accidente’s Blog.

That being said, if you dig then be sure to show your support and send them some change via Bandcamp.

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