Press To Meco – Alternative Rock

From: Crawley/Croydon, UK
Genre: Technical Rock/Alt-Rock

Now this is a band you must hear. Press To Meco are far from new kids on the block and have spent the past year touring the UK with the likes of SHVPES, Max Raptor and InMe, having finally released their debut LP Good Intent in the fall of 2015. With positive support from BBC Radio and Kerrang! magazine since their inception (debut self-titled EP came out in 2012), the group have been fine tuning their craft and even re-recording some original songs to fit in alongside this tremendous professionally-produced album. Funded via PledgeMusic, Lewis Williams (drums, vocals), Adam Roffey (bass, vocals) and Luke Caley (guitar, vocals) were able to raise 148% of their goal in order to proceed with the making of the record and not surprisingly either, given their loyal and deserved fanbase. In fact it seems the band could be on the verge of something big if they keep up this momentum, giving flashbacks to bands like Reuben, Lost Prophets and Biffy Clyro in the times leading up to their own massive breakthroughs. With Reuben ultimately ending up stuck in the sand and Lost Prophets’ unfortunate story, it is actually Biffy Clyro’s sound which resonates closest to what Press To Meco offer. More specifically the era around Infinity Land with its ground-breaking rock tone and odd time signatures. Don’t go seeking them out expecting them to be another Biffy though. This 3-piece can rock out just as well but it is their incredible 3-part vocal harmonies and positive energy that puts them in a different league altogether; one which no other band is yet to infiltrate. Imagine a marginally more recent Marmozets, minus the screaming and plus the positivity. They have effectively put the “pop” back into British rock in such a unique way that has been a while coming (see our precursor to this article, posted last month here) and if you don’t already know, we here at Rediscover Music LOVE bands that have more than one primary vocalist… and Press To Meco have three!

Always a seal of approval for bands into space!
With Luke and Adam coming up with initial riffs and melodies and Lewis penning most of the lyrics and drum patterns, the threesome timed everything perfectly and were careful to not rush their album, resulting in a big pay off with nothing short of a killer debut. Good Intent is a superb balance of heavy rock, melody and well thought out pace, with not one uninteresting moment, where just when you think it could get a bit tame, they throw a curveball and you’re sucked right back in again. Take opening track “Family Ties” and it’s introductory riff as a preview of what the record is all about; fierce riffage at its best from start to finish. The track is reminiscent of 3 Colours Red, as we’re left comparing to Lost Alone during “Tired Bones” and the likes of Foo Fighters on “Apprehension” with it’s gritty intro, off-time riffs and Biffyesque harmonies. “Affinity” has a subtle Tool feel from the outset, before getting into a real math-rock vibe, complete with heavy breakdowns and guitar shreds ala Dividers. During the last part of the track it sounds a lot like some of the melodic Skindred tracks from Roots Rock Riot, particularly the bass and vocal harmonies, which have become a staple of the PTM brand.

goodintent.jpgIt’s not all about the edgy rock though (which could just as easily be classified as metal by the way). The band are just as able to turn it down a notch for a couple of slower harmonic gems in the form of “Autopsy” and “Honestly; at least for the verses, which although ultimately turning into post-hardcore style tracks, give a taste as to the diversity of their output and even moreso how tough it is to pigeonhole them into any particular genre.

Lyric-wise the band self-profess to writing about silly topics such as TV series Breaking Bad, but they also go much deeper than that. As with all great pieces of art, it is the perception of the listener that decides what it means and if it resonates with them, no matter what the inclined topic, they will always see/hear it in that way. The ability to transcend meaning is a great trait of a band, whether intended or not and another impressive point on their scorecard.

Whilst on the topic of scores, let’s talk about riffs again and which one graduates top of the class here at the University of Riffology… This LP has many but if you’re going to listen to just 10 seconds of Press To Meco then “Diffusion of Responsibility” is what will hook you (no pun intended) – another awesome track abound with tech rock and lots of “A” style melodies – fast forward to 2:10, listen to that thunderous riff, and tell us you’re not convinced.

It’s a truly unique sound and from the ashes of post-hardcore is unparallel in its ability to uplift, with light-hearted themes and harmony that only a forward thinking (and probably British) band with positive vibes could accomplish, in all their drop-tuned glory. They seem really good-hearted chaps and they make excellent music. Please show your support by visiting/following/sharing the links below and you can watch the video for “Family Ties” here:

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Cheers, Tim Wilson RDM

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