Quit Your Dayjob- Electro Punk

From: Malmö, Sweden
Genre: Electro Punk

quityourdayjob_groupHailing from the Nordic zones of Malmö/Skåne in Sweden, Quit Your Dayjob originally made a few small waves with their unique blend of Electro and Punk. Having served up their debut release in the form of 2004’s self-titled EP, they followed with a few full lengths but never really seemed to capture the brilliance of that initial 8-track release, despite moving forward with a similar sound and shtick. Although the trio still continue to work on sporadic projects, it is with excitement that we can bring the focus back to that first record; one which should be a feature of any eclectic modern era Punk collection.

qydjClocking in at just under two minutes a piece, the synth-driven riffs and catchy electronic hooks grab you straight from the outset. Invariably Swedish sounding there is the odd nod to fellow Nordics The Hives in the eccentric arrangement on some of the songs, whereas lyric-wise not much is really left to the imagination as the Daft Punk intro of Coconut quickly loops into a fast paced frenzy over which “Open up you coconut” is repeatedly drilled into the ears of the listener. Look! A Dollar follows suit with its not so lyrically challenged overlays, as in fact does the entire EP, in true Punk simplicity. In terms of raw influence there are Black Flag subtleties here and there and particularly during Wasted you can draw comparison to Iggy Pop with the twanging guitar riffs and lyrics “Open the bar, I’m passed out in the bar.” It is the kind of musical lunacy you would usually expect out of Japan. Electric Eel Shock would surely love it.

Imagine if The Beards went all-in on the Electro beat, with their satirical Rock and Roll gimmick something in the vein of Electric SixIron Fist is very much out of the same tin along with its Peter Fox-esque squelchy synth stabs. Then just to mix things up a bit we hear “Achtung, spiegel”, or something to that effect, as Pigs From Hell kicks in with its Dick Dale-inspired surf riff, flip flopping between the dawn of rockabilly and the more morbid sounds of early Goth. Even Rammstein for that matter, if for nothing else than to satisfy its wackiness. Penultimate number Mike Fast, the jackass who steals cash whilst smoking hash, then blasts through on another so simply effective Punk trip sounding like Guttermouth on (even more) speed.

And it’s over before you know it.

If there isn’t already a term “flipper” then there should be. This EP is over so quickly you will need a fair few reloads to digest its frenetic energy. There was a CD and 7″ release, which can still be tracked down and you can also stream it below:

Check out Quit Your Dayjob on Spotify

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