Charly Bliss – Bubblegum Grunge

From: New York, USA
Genre: Bubblegum Grunge

Charly Bliss photo by Joanne N. Bailey-Boorsma
The purveyors of “Bubblegrunge” photo by Joanne N. Bailey-Boorsma
Bubblegum grunge?! That’s Charly Bliss. A quartet from New York who, despite being relatively new kids on the block, are already stirring up a following in their home town and around, having recently nailed a support slot for Sleater-Kinney in Brooklyn and in July 2015 released their debut offering, a 3-track single entitled Urge To Purge. Their pop harmonies and grungy guitars are a clean and refreshing change from the electrobeat indie-pop synonymous with (especially female-fronted) Brooklyn bands of the past few years. Vocalist Eve Hendricks’ sweet and squeaky voice protrudes through the fuzzed out rock with seemless fluidity, a result which will have Billy Corgan fans popping at the seams and Britpop enthusiasts reminiscing of the days when Kenickie were flying the female flag of credible pop-rock.

If the Pixies had overdosed on bubblegum then we may have had these sugar infested pop medodies a few decades earlier, however patience has paid off and Charly Bliss have stepped up as the embodiment of deliverence. As to how big they can blow their bubble, only time will tell as the band expect to have their debut LP finished in the near future.

Take a listen to the single over at the Charly Bliss bandcamp page.

They are also on Facebook and Twitter!

The band released a video for each of the three tracks, dubbed the Soft Serve Trilogy, one of which you can check out below… So grab that pack of bubblegum and chomp away to the best thing since… well, bubblegum.

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