Sub Grunk – Punk Rock

From: Sheffield, UK
Genre: Punk Rock, Skate Punk

These young arsed kids sure do know how to do punk rock. Their debut EP released in 2015, entitled Manufactured Rebellion, is a prime example of how DIY punk rock should be done; fast drums, three chords and a born and bred English PUNK singer. You read that right; PUNK!

The strapping young chaps clearly have good taste
What happened to the aggression and edge that the genre used to churn out in such abundance? In tough times where “Punk Rock” has become more of a sticker swap fest than a mosh pit, Sub Grunk are here to save the day. You won’t hear any signs of whimpering or mommy’s boy music down in this neck of the woods, as is made patently clear during Fuck Pop Punk, the most vocally melodic track on the EP, where we discover that the Sheffield triplet not only know what they want to play, but also what the deprived scene needs to hear.

Neither a second wasted, nor a penny wasted on artwork
Clocking in at just over 13 minutes there is not a second wasted, from the opening early era-Blink 182-esque riff of Wannabe Reject right through to closing track Whore, which may as well be the intro on Less Than Jake’s 1996 Losing Streak. Sub Grunk’s influences are clearly in the right place, taking us back to a time when Skate Punk was in its prime and the UK scene, not only the US, was thriving. Despite their US-based influences and self-professed fondness of NOFX, Propagandhi, Descendents and Lagwagon, it is their raw production and English sound, which poises them on a punk rock pedestal. Think a less refined Travis Cut, with a more John Lydon vocal… Then think even more Travis Cut, as despite Sub Grunk’s short time on the scene, they are already on the lookout for a new drummer. Maybe they could lookup one of Travis Cut’s 38 former drummers for the gig…

Either way, if they keep up it and don’t fall bored or “grow up” too much, as the majority of similar bands have done in the past, only greatness can result. The EP is a sweet slice of Punk Rock, with politically-driven lyrics giving it credibility beyond its already catchy melody and leaving us in high expectation for the next round of studio time.

Go listen to the EP at Sub Grunk’s Bandcamp Page, and BUY IT! It’s £3, which is ridiculous, and will help the band hire Josh Freese for their next record. So ridiculous in fact, you should really pay a bit more for it (which you can do too).

Follow them at Sub Grunk’s Facebook Page and send them a pic when you receive the CD!

Enjoy your Punk Rock and take it from Sub Grunk… fuck pop punk.

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