Testing, testing, one two

From: Planet X
Greengrass Alien Punk Rock

First things first, this is not a real band. Hailing from the outer depths of the Universe, we expect sounds more sonic than any human being can comprehend. Due to the unfortunate lack of awakening currently infesting the soul of the author, it is with deep regret that not even the smallest remark can be made in regards to the sensation brought about by this hybrid, technologically-influenced artist (known to 21st century humanoids as a “smartist”).

Is it a sound? Is it a feeling? Maybe we need to go back and ask our rhythm and blues ancestors, the ones who helped engineer the roots of rock and roll music. Because if energy rocks and energy rolls then what sensation is this exactly?

Spock & Roll… What frequencies did these instruments resonate at?!

Music has been generally tuned to 440Hz since 1953, a standard implemented post-WW2 and following Nazi experimentation during the war; a standard detrimental to human purity and encouraging anti-social behaviour in the public domain. Don’t believe it? Check out this website and make up your own mind: 440hz Music – Conspiracy To Detune Us From Natural 432Hz Harmonics. One thing’s for sure and that is for all the Rock and Roll enthusiasts who love their music LOUD… As we age and supposedly NOT depending on the level of ear-bleeding music we have endulged/withstood over the years, we lose our ability to hear higher frequencies; a natural biological phenomenon called presbycusis. So whether or not you are partial to a bit of guitar-driven jive, it seems we all end up in the same boat as the lucifer of rock and roll, whether we chose to or not.

That is all for the introductory test post. Next we’ll feature some REAL music with REAL instruments that you can SEE and HEAR!

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